Nothing Sunday

Come down when you ́re ready

If the real world would stop
while we slept in the Arcadian sun,
panic is in the air,
sets the pace, the pace of summer.
When time is at hand act aligned
Why don ́t you do something?

Do not lose you mind, left behind.

Though we stared at the sun
possibly for a little too long
the world ́s tessilated anyhow.
Nevertheless life is a puzzle,
it ́s all on the table.

Here everything is on the line.
Here we come, come to enjoy.
Trust me and just do not mind.
The time is at hand, act while you can,
do not lose her again.
There will be nothing you could have done, done.

Would it work in any other way,
looking at things from the outside
I have my doubts.
Some things can feel so new,
they are new,
When we should rely on what we ́ve previously recognized

Here everything is on the line, Maintain enjoyment!
Trust me and just do not mind.
You want to keep your head
in spite of the remarkable things she said.
I ́ll take you any place.
I will be taking you home.

It takes on something new
everytime you come out of the blue,
I was waiting for you!

Pomona ́s an old lady now.
The summer ́s all you got.